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SQL Server 2014 Keyboard Shortcut Keys in Management Studio

May 4, 2016

Here I will explain keyboard shortcuts for
sql server management studio 2014 or shortcut keys for sql server management studio 2014 or keyboard shortcuts to open new query window, show / hide result pane, toggle between tabs, execute selected query, etc. in sql server management studio.

In sql server management studio we have shortcut keys to execute operations Following are the main keyboard shortcut keys to work with sql server management studio.

Open New Query Window (Ctrl + N)

Shortcut key to open new query window in sql server management studio is Ctrl + N. It will open new key query window in current connection.

Execute Highlighted Query (Ctrl + E)

If want to execute highlighted or selected query in sql server management studio shortcut key is Ctrl + E.

Toggle between Open Tabs (Ctrl + Tab)

If we want to toggle or switch between opened tabs in sql server management studio shortcut key is Ctrl + Tab. It will help us to move between opened tabs easily.

Show / Hide Result Pane (Ctrl + R)

By using Ctrl + R shortcut key we can show / hide result pane of executed query. We can easily make full screen by hiding / closing result pane using shortcut key Ctrl + R.

Display Estimated Execution Plan (Ctrl + L)

If we want to show execution plan for queries which we are executing shortcut key is Ctrl + L. If we use Ctrl + L key combinations automatically it will show estimated execution plan for current executed queries.

Go to Particular Line (Ctrl + G)

If you want to go to particular line of query or get line number of query which we placed cursor shortcut key is Ctrl + G. By using this shortcut key we can easily get line numbers of query code in sql server management studio.

Cancel Execution of Query (Alt + Break)

By using Alt + Break shortcut key we can stop execution of query in sql server management studio.

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siva kumar said...

hello sir!! i have a doubt with you , I am creating a table with a default value in a table for an example employee is table name and I am creating a column name salary as a default value 500000 ,if i want to insert a value in the table of employee i will use insert keyword now my question is how can i use default value or how can i represent the default value in the insert keyword waitinf for ur reply thank you!!

neena said...

Hey Try it,

LastName varchar(255) NOT NULL,
FirstName varchar(255),
Address varchar(255),
Salary Bigint DEFAULT 500000

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