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AngularJS TextArea Show Number of Characters Remaining Count

Jun 16, 2016 0 comments

Here I will explain how to use
AngularJS to show number of characters remaining in textarea or AngularJS show remaining characters count in textarea with example or AngularJS count characters in textarea and set maxlength to textarea in AngularJS with example. In AngularJS by using ng-model property we can count number of characters available in textarea.

Limit number characters in multiline textbox using JavaScript

Apr 13, 2011 9 comments


Here I will explain how to Show or limit the number of characters length in Multilne textbox and how to remove vertical scrollbar in Multiline textbox using


One day I found one interesting thing in one of the sms sending site in that they provide one message textbox that is allowing only 140 characters to send message and they are displaying number characters left in the messagebox to type and if we are typing text in messagebox they are displaying the percentage graph also how much percentage of characters has entered in message textbox out of 140 characters. At that time I decided to write the post based on that here I designed page with one textbox that has a multiline property and one label to display the number of characters left to type in textbox and used tables to display the percentage graphs based on text typed in textbox

 First design your aspx page like this

Resize multiline textbox dynamically based on text using javascript

Feb 25, 2011 9 comments

In this article I will explain how to change or increase the textbox height dynamically using


I have one textbox my requirement is if user enters text in texbox that height of textbox needs to be adjusting with text for that I have written one JavaScript function to adjust textbox height here one more point is we need to set the
TextMode="MultiLine" property for textbox to adjust textbox height 
Now design your aspx page like this

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