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RichTextbox example or sample in or how to insert or store richtextbox data into database and display richtextbox data from database in gridview using

May 7, 2011 80 comments

Here I will explain how to use richtextbox and how we can save our richtextbox data in database and how we can retrieve and display saved richtextbox data into our application using

Today I am writing this post to explain about freely available richtextbox. Previously I worked on one social networking site for that we got requirement to use richtextbox at that time we search so many websites to use richtextbox but we didn’t find useful ones. Recently I came across one website and I found one free available richtextbox. We can validate and we can use richtextbox very easily and by using this richtextbox we can insert data in different formats like bold, italic and different color format texts and we can insert images also. To use free Richtextbox download available dll here FreeTextbox . After download dll from that site create one new website in visual studio and add FreeTextbox dll reference to newly created website after that design aspx page like this 

After that Design your aspx page like this 
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