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Asp.Net Store, Retrieve Value in Session using C#, VB.NET with Example

Feb 20, 2017 0 comments

Here we will learn how to store session value in using c#, with example or save and retrieve session values in using c#, with example or send session values from one page to another page in using c#, with example. By using sessions in we can easily access values within the application based on our requirements.  


In previous posts I explained jQuery access session variable value in, set session timeout in web config with example
ViewState Example in, jQuery show session timeout message before session expire with example, jQuery show alert when user idel on website with exampleDetect Browser type in jQuery, Scroll to particular link when click on link, send mail with images using gmail in and many relating articles in, jQuery. Now I will explain how to store and get session values in using c#, with example.
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