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Get Time Difference between Two Dates in SQL Server

Feb 12, 2014

In this article I will explain how to get time difference between two dates in
SQL server.
In previous articles I explained SQL DATEDIFF Function to show date difference in days, difference between function and stored procedures, joins in SQL Server, substring function in SQL server and many articles relating to SQL server. Now I will explain how to get time difference between two dates in SQL server.

To get time difference between two dates in SQL server we need to write the query like this

SELECT @Sdate = '02/12/2014 08:40:18.000',@Edate='02/13/2014 09:52:48.000'
SET @Timediff=DATEDIFF(s, @Sdate, @Edate)
SELECT CONVERT(VARCHAR(5),@Timediff/3600)+':'+convert(varchar(5),@Timediff%3600/60)+':'+convert(varchar(5),@Timediff%60) AS TimeDiff
Once we run above query we will get output like as shown below


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