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Lost My PAN Card How to Apply For New One | Change Details in PAN Card

Sep 15, 2012

In this article I will explain how to apply for new pan card if pan card lost and how to make changes or corrections in pan card.


In previous articles I explained some of
internettips like Setup DNS Server, Create desktop shortcut key to lock computer/laptop etc. Now I will explain how to change details in your pan card and how to apply for new pan card if old one lost.

Generally many of them will face problem like lost pan card or getting pan card with wrong details etc. After seen all these problems I realized that it’s better to write article to show how to get new pan card if existing one lost or how to make changes in pan card if any wrong details printed on card.

If we want to apply for new pan card or if you need to make changes in your pan card for that follow below steps

     1) First download application form for New Pan Card or / And Any changes or correction in PAN card data from below link and print form in A4 size 70 GSM paper

     2) Once download the form fill all the details incase if you lost your PAN card number or don’t remember you can easily get your lost PAN Number from this site

     3) Once form filled attach stamp size photograph and submit the form at UTIISL or NSDL along with the cash of RS  96.00 (  85.00 + 12.36% service tax) or Demand Draft or Cheque

     4) If you want to know address of UTIISL or NSDL center from the below links

     5) Once application filled and applied you can track your PAN Card Status after 7 days from the below link

If everything is in order you will receive PAN card within 15 days.

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Anonymous said...

Suresh r u gone mad y r u writing this articles,,,provide .net related articles not this type

Suresh Dasari said...

i didn't get any mad or anything. Here i will write the articles whatever useful to the users. In real time i faced this kind of problem that's why i though it's better to write article to help for the people whoever in such situation.

Unknown said...

Suresh bhau,nice thoughts...Thanks. its really very useful.

Anonymous said...

You are a excellent developer and have social responsibility to write like this article

Unknown said...


PLS CONTACT ME 8652588425

Yasho Bhushan said...

Thanks a lot Suresh its very help .. .

Anonymous said...

I want change my signature on pan card is it possible......

lostyafound said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

My pan card lost, and I got informed some miscreants trying to draw loan in my name, even they can file absured return in my name. I filed complaints to police. How can I apply for a new pan card with different pan number all together. I have previously returned my IT with digital signature. Matter is serious and you can reply me at my email:- magicwings76

Anonymous said...

very useful information you shared with us.. thanking you

Monika said...

Best guide for those who lost their pan card and want to apply for new one..

Unknown said...

chala manchiga chepinavu....but na pan card lost aindi..malla epudu adi yala apply cheyale...???

Unknown said...

PanInquiryBackEnd , any one have code in with c# ???

BBC said...


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