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C# - Multiple Inheritance with Interface Example

Sep 21, 2016

Here I will explain how to achieve multiple inheritance in c# with interface example or implement multiple inheritance in c# with example or use interface to implement multiple inheritances in c#, with example. In c# multiple inheritance can be achieved by using interfaces.


In c# multi-level inheritance is possible but multiple inheritance is not possible because it will make code more complex. In case if you to implement multiple inheritance in your application we can achieve that by using interfaces.

We will see how to achieve multiple inheritance in c# using interfaces with example.

Example of Multiple Inheritance

Following is the example of implementing multiple inheritance in c# applications using interface.

using System;

namespace inheritanceexample
class Program
static void Main(string[] args)
Operations op = new Operations();
Console.WriteLine("Multiple inheritance using interface\n ");
Console.WriteLine("Result1: " + op.method1(20, 10));
Console.WriteLine("Result2: " + op.method2(100, 50));
Console.WriteLine("Result3: " + op.method3(30, 3));
class Operations : inface1, inface2, inface3
public int method1(int g, int h)
return g + h;
public int method2(int i, int j)
return i - j;
public int method3(int k, int l)
return k * l;
interface inface1
int method1(int a, int b);
interface inface2
int method2(int c, int d);
interface inface3
int method3(int e, int f);

Output of Multiple Inheritance Example

Following is the result of multiple inheritance example.

Multiple inheritance in c# using interface example result

I hope it helps you to understand how to achieve multiple inheritance in c# using interface.

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