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Sample MVC Application Project Example with Source Code Download

Jun 15, 2016
Here we will learn sample mvc application example project with source code and database download or step by step mvc project with source code and database download. 

Here we created sample application GYMONE project with mvc and attached complete mvc application with source code and added step by step process to run mvc application with database.

Please check following details for sample application project in mvc with source code and database.

Project GYMONE Guide

Project Name: - GYMONE

we provided entire GYMONE project to download with Sql server Script which contains tables and store procedures which are used.

Please read Text files ReadMe_First.txt file first.

In this Application there are 2 Types of Users one will be Admin and other will be System User

Project System User Process:-

This project aims complete on GYM process. The Process starts with Membership when Member is newly joining GYM he is been registered in GYM Software by System User while registering he will ask to Member for which type of Scheme he will like to take (GYM+CARDIO OR GYM) and for how much period he will be joining GYM (Quarterly, Half Yearly, Yearly) According to this the Fees of GYM will be decided. After registering The Member is given a Receipt and Declaration form. the Receipt is sign be System User and Declaration form is been sign by Member who is joining the GYM along with this Member is told to provide legal Document proof of Address and Photo Identity. Now the Member can use GYM facilities till Period has paid for Services after completion of service he need to renew Membership it from System User for next Period ( Quarterly , Half Yearly , Yearly) and pay Fee to System User for that Period.

The System user also has a Rights to check How much Amount has been Collected this month by seeing Month wise (Month wise Report Download) Report and if he want to check how much Amount has been collected this year than he can view Year wise Report (Year wise Report Download) and Finally he can also check which user renewal is upcoming to notify him about his renewal of Membership by viewing renewal Report.

Admin System User Process:-

The Role of Admin is to Create and Delete System User and also assign roles (Admin , System User ) to them  . He also has rights for Adding Scheme ( GYM+CARDIO OR GYM etc ) and Plan ( Quarterly , Half Yearly , Yearly) he can view All Reports Month wise collection Report and Year wise collection Report , Renewal Report according to this he can plan scheme for getting more Member to his GYM.

Platform Used

About Platform Used

we developed this Application using Microsoft Visual Studio Ultimate 2012 with Microsoft SQL server 2008 and Reporting is done using Crystal Report Version (13.0.2000.0).

Project is Created using ASP.NET MVC 4 and Language Used is C# and ORM Dapper with Repository Pattern.

Microsoft Visual Studio Ultimate 2012.

Link to download Trial Microsoft Visual Studio Ultimate 2012  

Microsoft SQL server 2008

Link to download Trial Microsoft Visual Microsoft SQL server 2008

SAP Crystal Report Version (13.0.2000.0)

Link to download Trial Crystal report Viewer 2011

Database Details

Finally after Understanding Process let check out which are the tables we had used in this Application.

Please read Text files ReadMe_First.txt file first in this file entire process of database creation and Login details of file exists.

we have created database with Name GYMONEDBMVC inside this all this tables are present.

we used following Membership tables and custom tables

1.            Users
2.            webpages_Membership
3.            webpages_OAuthMembership
4.            webpages_Roles
5.            webpages_UsersInRoles

After completing with all Membership Table following custom tables we need to create in database

1.            SchemeMaster
2.            PlanMaster
3.            MemberRegistration
4.            PaymentDetails
5.            RecepitTB
6.            Fiscalyear

For detailed info please check attached folder

After Completing Database Details Now let’s have look on Project structure in Visual studio

The Project Name is GYMONE.

You can see basic folder structure provide by MVC

Finally we had completed having look on folder structure now let’s check out our screens.

For detailed info please check attached folder

Screenshots of Project

Starting with Login Screen

Login Screen

After login screen now let’s check System User Screen

System User Section

User Dashboard

After login user will see this User Dashboard screen in which he will able to see all page which he can access.

Now let’s open first link of User Dashboard Register Member Master

Register Member Master [Create]

All Member List

In this page we can see All Members List which are Registered

Account Section

The first thing we are going to look is Admin dashboard

Reports here will be similar to what System User Reports

and lot more sections like 

Roles (Creation, Edit, Delete)

Assign Role to users

Mapping User details

Schema Master (Create, Listing, Edit)

Plan Master (Create, Listing, Edit)

Reporting (Year wise, month wise, Renewal, etc...)

Detailed Report

Payment Receipt

Declaration Form

For more details please check attached folder

Download Project

Please download complete project files from attached file

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Unknown said...

Great stuff... I will definitely learn from this project as am very new to mvc

Sunil Pal said...

Hi, I downloaded the complete project, but when I am running the project I am getting this error

'The type or namespace "CRYSTAL DECISION" could not be found (are u missing a using directive or an assembly reference)'

Unknown said...

help me if i donload source code the its sho me error..........send me source code on

Anonymous said...

really i appreciate that

Unknown said...

hi Saineshwar Bageri,
this is incomplete code bcoz another project data related missing i.e., Class library "WebSecurity class " is missing .

bajrangi said...

i need db plz send me

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