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C# - Difference between Dispose and Finalize Method in C# with Example

Feb 21, 2015

Here I will explain difference between dispose and finalize methods in c#, with example or dispose() vs finalize() methods in or use of dispose and finalize methods in using c#, with example. Generally we will use dispose and finalize methods to destroy unmanaged objects.


Dispose() Method

     -  This dispose method will be used to free unmanaged resources like files, database connection etc.

     -  To clear unmanaged resources we need to write code manually to raise dispose() method.

     -  This Dispose() method belongs to IDisposable interface.

     -  If we need to implement this method for any custom classes we need to inherit the class from IDisposable interface.

     -  It will not show any effect on performance of website and we can use this method whenever we want to free objects immediately.


//Implement Dispose Method.
public class TestDispose : IDisposable
private bool disposed = false;

//Implement IDisposable.
public void Dispose()

protected virtual void Dispose(bool disposing)
if (!disposed)
if (disposing)
// clean unmanged objects
// clean unmanaged objects).

disposed = true;

Finalize() Method

     -  This method also free unmanaged resources like database connections, files etc…

     -  It is automatically raised by garbage collection mechanism whenever the object goes out of scope.

     -  This method belongs to object class.

     -  We need to implement this method whenever we have unmanaged resources in our code and make sure these resources will be freed when garbage collection process done.

     -  It will show effect on performance of website and it will not suitable to free objects immediately.     


// Implementing Finalize method
public class Sample
//At runtime destructor automatically Converted to Finalize method.
// your clean up code

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Mr. verma said...

very useful info

Anonymous said...

Nice one

Barath.D said...

Good article to understand the clear difference between dispose and finalize. Thanks for posting the blog.

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