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5 Best Angularjs Grid & Table Plugin Examples with Demos

Dec 4, 2014

Here I will explain 5 best jQuery angularjs grid or table plugin examples with demos. In Angularjs we have data grids like ng-grid, smart table, UI Grid etc.. to represent our data in table format with sorting, paging and searching even more customize options.   

Angularjs ng-grid

Angularjs ng-grid written in AngularJS and jQuery by the AngularUI Team. It supports lot of features like sorting, paging, searching, resize the columns, hide columns, etc…

Angularjs UI Grid

A data grid for AngularJS, part of the AngularUI suite it's having features like
Sorting, Filtering, User interaction, Column pinning, Grouping, Edit in place, Expandable rows etc….

Smart Table Plugin

Smart table is an Angularjs module to easily display data in a table with a set of built in features such filtering,sorting, etc in a declarative way.  

Angularjs ngTable

ngTable plugin allow to liven your tables. It support sorting, filtering and pagination. Header row with titles and filters automatic generated on compilation step.

Angula Table Samu

Angular directive which allows to declare sortable tables and to add pagination with very little effort. It will provide features like Adds sorting to any column, Adds pagination, Implicitly renders cell contents by name convention and allows custom cell content if needed

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Unknown said...

What about #ngTasty table ?

Asma Qureshi said...

Hi Suresh,

you you please tell me these controls are Free to Use or there is any Price like if i use 'Angularjs ng-grid' i download and use it, or Free Trial Version to 30 days,

Asma Qureshi said...

all these are Free or only 30 Free Trial Version ,

Suresh Dasari said...

All are free can use it as per your requirement....

Unknown said...

how to print grid or create pdf in angularjs

Anonymous said...

ng-grid and ui-grid (the first and the second one) are the same. the second is the newer version of the first. they have given up ng-grid and upgraded it to ui-grid. and as far as I know, it has nothing to do with AngularUI

Unknown said...

Nice post Suresh bhai !!!

Unknown said...

Nice Post...

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm trying to figure out a way to drag rows from ng-grid into a div.
Any suggestions?

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