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7+ jQuery Grid Plugin Examples or Datagrid Plugin Examples

Aug 24, 2014

Here I will explain best jQuery grid plugin examples or jQuery datagrid plugin examples with demos. jQuery grid or datagrid plugins will help us to show data in table format with lot of advanced features like sorting, searching or filtering etc… If we use jQuery grid or datagrid plugins we can get all these functionalities without writing any code just by setting some properties in available plugins.   

In previous article I explained
7+ jQuery lightbox plugin examples, jQuery chatting application in using c#, 8+jQuery clock plugin examples, jQuery Show Youtube video in modal popup and many articles relating to jQuery Plugins, JQuery, Ajax,, SQL Server etc. Now I will explain best jQuery grid or datagrid plugin examples with demos

jqGrid Plugin

jqGrid for ASP.NET is a server-side component built on top of the most popular jQuery plugin - jqGrid. It is produced and supported by the same company behind the original jqGrid component, Trirand.

jQuery Bootstrap Datagrid Plugin

Bootstrap Datagrid (bs_grid) is a jQuery datagrid plugin, based on Twitter Bootstrap. It’s having responsive web design, fully configurable, get the data from server side in JSON format using AJAX, change columns order and data sorting etc..   

jQuery jui datagrid Plugin

jui_datagrid is an Ajax-enabled jQuery plugin, useful to manipulate database data in tabular format.

jQuery open js grid Plugin

Open js grid plugin will allow us to sort columns, filter existing data, and resize the columns. You can also resize the grid. Along with that, if you resize the grid down small enough, it adjusts to fit small sizes.

jQuery bbgrid Plugin

bbGrid is a JavaScript grid/spreadsheet component. The general idea is the same as in Backbone. It’s Responsive, Extendable, fast as much as jQuery can and configurable and customizable

jQuery jgrid inline editing with textbox

jQuery FlexBox plugin for Google like auto-suggestion box to edit data in jqGrid. Suppose jqGrid has Country column and we want to give auto-suggestion box during editing. When user enters letter, It will auto-populate related country names.

jQuery gridinc plugin

jQuery gridinc plugin for people who needs visual listings and it provides features like Adaptive virtual scrolling (handle hundreds of thousands of rows), Extremely fast rendering speed, Column resize/reorder/show/hide and many more.

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Suhasini said...

Very helpful post. Always looking for this. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

its not showing sql server database and can me guide where can i get example about jqwidget with sql server database and my mail plz mail if u get some info.

Shakeel2000 said...

pl. let me know how can I use this example with c#. thanks in advance

billmonroe said...

Nice list, thank you! You may also like the grid plugin from ShieldUI, it is very good.

Unknown said...

Try also FancyGrid

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