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Infragistics jQuery/HTML5 Controls Review

Aug 1, 2013

Here I am writing a post to review Infragistics
jQuery/HTML5 controls.

One day I got mail from Infragistics team regarding a review their controls. Once I saw that mail I thought to check their site regarding available controls. I saw their controls I feel surprised because their controls provid very rich functionality and responsive web design on any web browser, any platform and any device.
Here are some of their featured controls


This grid will provides great interactivity with the features like

- Responsive web design
- Combine and customize data by simply dragging and dropping column headers to group (and ungroup) common values and conditions

- Display the data based on custom filtering

- Edit feature to update delete records

- Custom sorting, paging and can be used in mvc applications

- Group by the columns with specific events, editable pop-ups row data and grid custom windows layout.


The jQuery Chart control offers a full set of dynamic HTML5 business charts right out of the box, including bar, line, bubble, polar, radial area, range, step, spline, scatter line, category point, stacked chart category series chart, scatter spline series, polar spline area series , radial areas series, OHLC and candlestick charts, as well as technical indicators.

Mobile List View

With this Mobile list view you can show one column of data, drill down into details, have detailed templates, load items on demand, set various presets for filtering and sorting, filter by keywords, and much more!
Combo Box

This Combo Box control will provide intuitive Auto-Suggest, Auto-Complete and Auto-Filtering built-in, users will be able to find the choices they are looking for much more quickly. Single/Multi-Select capabilities are also available with the Combo Box.

HTML Editor

The jQuery WYSIWYG editor offers rich text formatting, the ability to insert images, links, lists and tables; clipboard support and source and design views.

After reviewing all Infragistics controls I strongly recommend to use these controls if you want to implement rich and more responsive site with better functionality.

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Sankar said...

Good features..
Could you please post sample example code..

Jitender Rana said...

It is paid.. if you willing to buy controls then why don't you go for telrik controls. its very rich in design and gives lots of functionality..

Anonymous said...

why you not write blog to develop full windows base software including product key with database and install another machine

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