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Mar 1, 2013
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Unknown said...

how gmail inbox bind in our project griedview
plz healp........

Anonymous said...

Hi Suresh,

Good Example. But a quick question.

If you have multiple dynamic controls and if the click event of all the dynamic controls are calling the same method, what is the technique to distinguish which button was clicked?

Please email your trick to

I may need your help on some tiny projects. Let me know if you would be interested.

Thank you.

Chantilly, VA, USA.

Anonymous said...

Please share some thoughts on Surrogate key and natural key in Sql Server

Anonymous said...

Hi suresh,
In pages have update panel,
so when we click back button of internet explorer data is refereshing how to handle.
Please share ur thougths

hermes said...

I still have some problem in SQL server.

P.V.Anil Kumar said...

hi sir please post about how to use log4net dll in window service

Unknown said...

i wanted to implement one functionality like " when i click on outer grid row it must be show the inner grid with paging " . I tried for displaying inner grid. Could you please the way to apply on click functionality to my outer grid. please mail me this

Unknown said...

Hi suresh

please help me in understanding Membership in, if possible with example.

Anonymous said...

thanks for advertisement page

shiva said...

how to read the gmail inbox messages using IMAP ina c#

wen78 said...

Thanks for good this article.

I have one query..Is it possible to read emails in my Gmail account using c#?

Anonymous said...

Hello Suresh,
I Used to visit your Website,it is very Clear discription avail.. on very posted project..
whenever i visit your website i used to check your Bio(About Me), it's say you are software Eng.,
so I request you to make some Project on C# Windows form application,it is very use full for us(Like ME)..
Please take a look on this comment,
Hopfully Waiting for ONE MENU added in your webpage saying C#/Vb application/Project..

Unknown said...

hi suresh,
when i have a problem i always visit your website and i definatly got a solution..
actually i want to learn MVC framework,plz add post about MVC....

Anonymous said...

I want to upload and display images (more than one image) on different web page using sql server and
Pls send me solution.
Thank you

Unknown said...

Hi Suresh,
Please tell me free alternatives to telerik.

AshwaniGupta said...

sir i want to talk to you about railway api
my no is 8126382249
ashwani gupta

arjju said...

plz send the MVC total notes with examples...........plzzzzzzzzzzzzz

test said...


Anonymous said...

Hi Suresh, Can we have some good articles on MVC?

Unknown said...

You have a great creative mind Mr. Suresh

Veersh Dachepally said...

Using iText, how can I apply css to my PDF document from code behind

How to Apply Css For The Table

Anonymous said...

hi suresh..!
please share how to include google map to our project..

Unknown said...

hi suresh sir
i got SMPT 503 server error on my website.How can i fix this error? plz suggest me

Unknown said...

Hi sir,
Can you please tell me how to count the common values from two dropdownlist control.

Unknown said...

we have bootstrap tabs,and i want to use asp required field validate for different buttons in each bootstrap tab,but i have a problem,another tab buttons not working when i m using asp required field validate.and we have four tabs in bootstrap,n in each tab have different button.please help me guys...even i am trying by script but it seems same problem..

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

i made a windows based software in and i wanna to run this software on other system without SQL server, so kindly can u guide me that- how to perform this task?

Anonymous said...

Your blog is very easy to understand,whatever the topic is. I am expecting if i get WPF related articles here,then it would be helpfull... Keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

Be your own boss with pleasure builder dot com

c.k.srinivasan said...

Please upload bootstrap tutorial

Unknown said...

Hi Dear Please upload bootstrap tutorial

Unknown said...

hello sir write some tutorial for mvc beginer

Seeder said...

its useful thank you...

Anonymous said...

All your Demo code or Source code which is Attached in your Examples are not downloadable from

Please check it and Solved!!!

Unknown said...

i want to get id from page url when page_load
and show on label
some buddy help please


Unknown said...

hello sir,

I have a gridview with 30 columns and I need to print the whole gridview.

I tried in some way but its resulting in good thing. I need to print the gridview

in two or three pages. The gridview having paging also in it.

How can I do this?

I need serial number for each row for all the pages of the gridview in the print part.

Unknown said...

How to bind the images in gridview from server folder..not save image path r image name in database.. i could saver the image code ex- image1,image2 like that and fetch the image code in database and add imagecode + _0.jpg ex- image1_0.jpg that save in one variable imagename that imagename send to folder n match the imagename in folder image.. fetch the image in folder and display in gridview and put the link button in that image its open new page.. pls help me sir..

Deven said...

how to impelement geo fencing in a .net project

Many Thnaks.

Anonymous said...

how to convert rtf file into html in web application

ISG said...

Problem Description:
I am using 4.0 Visual Studio 2010 and I am using repeater on a webform. On the header of then repeater i have multiple columns and in every columns there are multiple rows and I want that header of repeater should adjust according to the maximum height of rows. I am using div. I have used display:flex property to adjust the height of all columns. In chrome the height of header of the repeater adjust according to maximum height of the row but it works only in google chrome. It is not working on Internet explorer.When i use Table in place of div then the design of repeater in Internet explorer and google chrome looks fine , but it disturb the functionality of my program in Internet explorer.

Solution Required:
The design of repeater should be same in Internet explorer & chrome and functionality of program in Internet explorer and google chrome should not be disturbed.

Unknown said...

Hi sir i want full code for developing digital marketing project.

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

Dear Sir,
I want to use upload control in dynamic gridview ie. add new row function, but when click on add new row the file upload control has not any value. how can i get the value to save in database.
Thanks and regards;
Rajiv nayan

Richa Srivastava said...

Hi Suresh, Can you please help me using OWC with web application?

Unknown said...

hi sir how to apply role based access control in mvc.

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