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4 Best jQuery Spell Checker Plugin Examples

Mar 6, 2013

Here I will explain jQuery spellchecker plugin examples. The jQuery spellchecker plugin examples is used to check the spelling of words which was entered in textbox or textarea.

In previous article I explained
4 jQuery Price Range slider examples, 11+ Best jQuery Countdown timer plugins, 12+ Best jQuery Drag and Drop Plugins, 11+ best jQuery Scroll to top plugins, 9+ JQuery AutoComplete plugins and many articles relating to jQuery Plugins, JQuery, Ajax,, SQL Server etc. Now I will explain different type of jQuery spell checker plugin examples.

jQuery SpellCheck Plugin

JavaScript Spell Check provides a useful plug-in for jQuery allowing you to use jQuery to implement the main function of the spellchecker. We affectionately name this jQuery Spell Check plug-in "jQSpellCheck".

jQuery Spellchecker Plugin

The jQuery spellchecker is a lightweight plugin that can be used to check the spelling of text within a form field or within a DOM tree

jQuery Spellcheck TEXTAREA Plugin

jQuery is a powerful JavaScript development framework. This code allows developers using jQuery to check spelling, style, and grammar in their web applications. Cross-domain AJAX and proxy support are both baked into the library.

jQuery Textbox Hinter Plugin

jQuery textbox hinter is plugin which allows to add hints to textboxes and textareas. Acts as a complete replacement for labels.

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rohit said...

hello sir,
In (jQuery Spellcheck TEXTAREA Plugin),it working fine but in this when user type single qotes like
ex- (that's the thng). then spellcheck does't read the words after single qotes(') or does't show any any mistakes if they are there

rohit said...

Then spellcheck does't read the words after single qotes(') or does't show any any mistakes if they are there
please sir give me some solution

Shivgopal Gautam said...

sir, how to use jQuery Spellcheck TEXTAREA Plugin in our application....plz suggest

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