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4 jQuery Chatting Plugins | jQuery UI Chatbox Plugin Examples Like Facebook, Gmail

Mar 5, 2013

Here I will explain jQuery chatting plugin examples. These jQuery chatting plugins is used to implement chatting functionality like facebook, gmail. By using these jQuery chatting and chatbox plugins we can implement chat functionality very easily for our website.

In previous article I explained 4 jQuery Price Range slider examples,
11+ Best jQuery Countdown timer plugins, 12+ Best jQuery Drag and Drop Plugins, 11+ best jQuery Scroll to top plugins, 9+ JQuery AutoComplete plugins and many articles relating to jQuery Plugins, JQuery, Ajax,, SQL Server etc. Now I will explain different type jQuery chatting plugin examples.

Pusher chat, a facebook like chat jQuery plugin

Pusher Chat, is a Facebook like chat jQuery plugin using Pusher API plugin.

jQuery UI Chatbox Plugin

jQuery UI plugin as part of a data collection tool for the social network analysis project this plugin serves as the front end of a simple Comet chat server. It is a pure UI plugin so you can easily plug it into whatever communication protocol of your choice, some may find this useful.

jQuery - FancyBox Styled Chat Window 

A powerful slider for selecting value ranges, supporting dates and more.

jQuery Create A Simple Web-based Chat Application

It’s simple web-based chat application with PHP and jQuery.

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Afzal Khan said...


Surendra said...

Sir, How to use jquery Ui chat Plugin with c#?

Rajiv Nayan said...

Dear Sir,
Please Send me the code of chat application if you have.
my mail id is :

Thanks & Regards
Rajiv nayan

Deepak Venugopal said...

Can you please send me the code to implement a facebook like chat using the Pusher chat JQuery plugin mentioned above if thats fine.

Thanks & Regards
Deepak Venugopal

Jimmy Vela said...

sir im makeing a sosel networking web site
so plz can u halp me

Rupesh Jaiswal said...

your link for source and demo is not working so please show us how to use it in

Thank you

mayur limbasiya said...

Dear Sir,

Please Send me the code of chat application.

my mail id is :

Thanks & Regards

Sathish Kumar said...

THANKS.. use full one but i need in c# code pls help me

$h!vR@jput said...

plz send me the chat application code in
my email id -

sandeep jaiswal said...

i want voice chat option in my website which is used by only member on my website
plz send me some links and code to develop voice chat funtion.

boss uno said...

hi sir,good day,i need your help,i want to make a chatting application using send me a project can chat in my list and join group chat...

my mail account:


Anonymous said...

need a wcf code based chat application not plugins

rahul said...

please send me the chat application code in
my email id -

powerful peraiah said...

Help me how to develop the application

Anonymous said...

Nice! I have found a jquery chat plugin using websocket

Shahabuddin shahab said...

Hi Sir.
Please Upload any example on how to use Video chat in

Dhiraj Tiwary said...

Dear Sir
pls send me the source code in zip format of live chat like facebook using jquery (as shown in pusher API) at


Anonymous said...

How to integrate Skype/Facebook chat in Web Application?

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,

Please Send me the code of chat application.

my mail id is :

Thanks & Regards

Manish Sharma said...

Hello Sir,
Can You Send me the code of same chat application.

I am waiting for this
my mail id is :

Thanks & Regards

meet patel said...

Hello Sir,
I am develop a chat application in c# . can you please send me this demo.

Thanks & Regards

santhoshi.tekwissen said...

not working ..even not open also ..waste links

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