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Aug 26, 2012

Here I will explain how to solve the problem of not opening blogspot or other websites in your laptop, system or pc.


Few days back I faced some strange problem like the sites which contains at the end like those kind of sites not opened in my laptop. I thought may be internet problem but other sites are opening correctly If I try to open same blogspot url in some other system it’s working fine but in my laptop if I opened that it’s showing error like cannot find the server at as shown below

I tried to solve this problem in many ways by clearing the cookies, deleting the temp file etc... but nothing has been worked for me. After some days research I found that problem because of DNS server was unable to resolve the IP addresses of the sites which I requested from my browser. To solve this problem I did some modifications in my system for that check below steps

        1) First we need to check whether that site not opening everywhere or only in your machine because sometimes internet won’t work in our machine.

        To check status of site (Not working only in your laptop or pc) open this site and enter the url of the site which needs to be test. Check below screenshot

2) After test the site if it’s not working only in your system then you need to make some modifications in DNS Server settings because your DNS sever not able to resolve the IP addresses of the sites you are requesting from browser.

         3) Open your network connection properties and set primary DNS and Secondary DNS values which are mentioned below if you don’t know how to setup DNS Sever values check this post Setup or Configure DNS values in windows 7. Actually the DNS values which are mentioned below those are provided by opendns is a dns resolver portal, which is having the names and IPs of millions of sites and updated regularly.

Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS:

Once you set these dns values disconnect your network and connect it and try it will work for you.

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Anonymous said...


srinivas said...

hi suresh i am one of fallower of your site ,
please i got one problem can you give me solution

i have 2 dropdownlist one is state and other one is Districts on selectedIndex change event of state Dropdown iam filling district Dropdown list , i put both dropdowns in update panel in IE,Chrome its working fine but come to Firefox district dropdown not showing updated information data my firefox version is 14.0 version please help i have demo of my application on 1 sept

Jayaseelan said...

Thank you. The information was very much useful.

AcrossPG said...

Thanks buddy... your solution worked for me....

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot, Suresh. I was facing this same problem. This post helped me to solve it.


Anonymous said...

it is not working for me...non of my * sites are opening.
what should i do??? please help! im using a vodafone 3g stick

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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tanmayee said...

Thanks a ton!!!
i was struggling with this prb since last two weeks. it has been resolved now after following ur instructions.
once again, thanks...

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot. Have been struggling with this issue since long. What are these DNS servers by the way? Who owns and maintains them?

Harish said...
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Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...


osiel web said...
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Amy Cooper said...
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