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how create desktop shortcut key to lock computer just by with mouse click or Lock Computer with simple mouse click

Mar 11, 2011

Here I will explain how create desktop shortcut key to lock computer just by with mouse click.


Hi first time I am writing article that is not related to .NET why I am writing this article means I found solution to create shortcut key to lock our computer by just with mouse click generally we will use Ctrl+Alt+L key to lock our computer if we do the same thing with mouse click it’s very easy to lock our computer that is the reason I am writing this article to help someone who is having this same requirement like shortcut to lock computer. To create shortcut key we need to follow below steps

1.     1) Right click on your desktop anywhere and select New under that select ShortCutKey click ok

2.     2) After click ok one short cut create wizard will open that wizard is asking about Type the location of item in browse text box enter the following text in browse textbox
rundll32 user32.dll, LockWorkStation 

3.     3) After enter the above item click Next now that will ask about Type a name for this ShortCut enter the name whatever you want here I am entering name of shortcut is Lock Computer and click finish

Now our shortcut key is ready to use if you double click on that icon automatically our computer will lock without using Cntrl+Alt+L key. Here one thing after create shortcut key it will display without icon we can change that icon also for shortkey right click on shortcut key and select properties it will open wizard in that click on change icon button and select icon from the list and click ok

After select icon our shortkey icon like this 

If you’re using Windows 7 you can pin this shortcut key to your task bar for that just right click on your icon and select Pin to TaskBar option it will pin our short cut key to our taskbar that should be look like this 

I think it helps you to create simple short cut key to lock your computer. Give your feedback on this article.

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Anonymous said...

nice one i really surprised

JoeG said...

Or you could just press the Windows key and "L" at the same time (Win+L), it does the same thing.

Suresh Dasari said...

hi joeg,
yeah your right we can lock the computer by using Win+L but once we create shortcut key to lock computer no need to use Win+L every time to lock computer simply we can lock computer with single click

Aswini said...

i tried this but rundll32,user32.dll,LockWorkStation was not found
how we face this problem

Aswini said...

ss i got it its really nice.
thank you

Anonymous said...

very very nice article..

Unknown said...

hi suresh,

can u create a code to override the conditions set for Microsoft Lync by system admin.

For Ex: I can see some people using a single click and it shows inactive for 5 mins and status not moving to away for many hours.

Can you try it will be more useful.

Best Regards,
Alexa - Chennai YP

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