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Convert objectdatasource to dataset or datatable in | How to bind dataset with an Objectdatasource data in

Sep 29, 2010

Here I will explain how to bind dataset with objectdatasource data using


Here we need to remember that if we bind our gridview with objectdatasource that objectdatasource fill with data only whenever gridview databind is called like this 

gridview1.DataBind()=ods (ods is ObjectDataSource);

Why I have talk about this means now we are going to write function to bind dataset with objectdatasource data. We need to call this function only after gridview databind because if we call this method before the objectdatasource load with data we will get error that’s why I mention regarding this one.

Now we need to write function like this in code behind 

private DataSet GetDS(ObjectDataSource ods)
var ds = new DataSet();
var dv = (DataView)ods.Select();
if (dv != null && dv.Count > 0)
var dt = dv.ToTable();
return ds;
After execution of this function check dataset data it will bind with objectdatasource data

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Anonymous said...

Good article.
How would you populate a dataset from an AccessDataSource ?

Anonymous said...

Unknown said...

Excellent... thank's... so easy to understand...

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