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Gridview checkbox validation using javascript

Sep 21, 2010

Hi here I will explain how to check the checked status of checkboxes in gridview using JavaScript 


I have a one gridview with checkboxes and one button if user clicks on button I need to raise validation if user doesn’t checked at least one checkbox in gridview for that I have written one JavaScript function to check whether checkboxes selected in gridview or not.

For that write the following code in aspx page

<html xmlns="" >
<head runat="server">
<title>Check all checkboxes if Header checkbox checks</title>
<style type="text/css">
<script type="text/javascript" language="javascript">
function validateCheckBoxes() {
var isValid = false;
var gridView = document.getElementById('<%= gvcheckbox.ClientID %>');
for (var i = 1; i < gridView.rows.length; i++) {
var inputs = gridView.rows[i].getElementsByTagName('input');
if (inputs != null) {
if (inputs[0].type == "checkbox") {
if (inputs[0].checked) {
isValid = true;
return true;
alert("Please select atleast one checkbox");
return false;
<form id="form1" runat="server">
<asp:GridView ID="gvcheckbox" CssClass="Gridview" runat="server" AutoGenerateColumns="False"
HeaderStyle-BackColor="#7779AF" HeaderStyle-ForeColor="white">
<asp:CheckBox ID="chkheader" runat="server" />
<asp:CheckBox ID="chkchild" runat="server"/>
<HeaderStyle HorizontalAlign="Left" />
<ItemStyle HorizontalAlign="Left" />
<asp:BoundField HeaderText = "UserName" DataField="UserName" HeaderStyle-HorizontalAlign="Left" />
<asp:BoundField HeaderText="FirstName" DataField="FirstName" HeaderStyle-HorizontalAlign="Left" />
<asp:BoundField HeaderText="LastName" DataField="LastName" HeaderStyle-HorizontalAlign="Left" />
<asp:button runat="server" Text="Submit" OnClientClick="javascript:validateCheckBoxes()"/>

In code behind bind gridview with some data and check it will work for you


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Anonymous said...

I have been reading Ur blogs since a long time and always I find somthing new and valuable

Thanks alot

msbyuva said...

Hello, how can I exclude the disabled Check boxes, I have some CheckBoxes which are not enabled I want to exclude them How can I do that ??? I added
if (inputs[0].checked) {
But it didn't work for me..11

subrat said...


This article is really helpfull keep on updating.

Thaks a lot

dhaneshwarjeevansingh said...

hi suresh...
im facing a problem with gridview validations...
wat i need is... i hav to perform all validations in gridview editable mode by using javascript...
can u pls help me...

Anonymous said...

Thanks this was really a good help!

Manohara Ravikumar said...

super concept in jquery

nagarjuna said...

helped me alot
thank you

Unknown said...

hi suresh i am validating check box when i am click the send the validation working fine IE 5 But it's not working in IE7 and IE8 can u help me regarding this

Unknown said...

Hi suresh,
please give master page pages using javascript,

priyanka said...

is it possible without using javascript.. then plzz help me..

Anonymous said...

hi I am getting error here 'inputs[0].type == "checkbox" ',Error is input[0] has no property .please help me

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

i have a senairo:
when a checkbox is checked in gridview . a table has a salary column then what are the rows that user have checked i want to sum it in footer. can u help me plz..

anand sutar said...

its tooooo good.............

Mohammed Zaid Meraj said...

I am getting error
Unable to get property 'type' of undefined or null reference

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