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Call javascript function from codebehind in

Aug 9, 2010
Here i will explain how to call javascript function from codebehind without assigning it to any control in

We can call javascript functions in two ways

first way is

 System.Web.UI.ScriptManager.RegisterClientScriptBlock(Page, typeof(Page), "Script", "document.getElementById('" + button2.ClientID + "').style.display='none';", true);
Seconda way you can call javascript function also

System.Web.UI.ScriptManager.RegisterClientScriptBlock(Page, typeof(Page), "Script", "MyJavascriptFunction();", true); 
Like this we can call the javascript functions or buttons in codebehind without assigning it to any control

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Anonymous said...

Your site is really nice.i learned many things from this site.Please try to write the above article with some examples.This could be useful for the beginners like me.

1. RegisterClientScriptBlock



4. RegisterOnSubmitStatement

Anonymous said...

I had a problem with typeof(Page) so I resorted to the following with success:

System.Web.UI.ScriptManager.RegisterClientScriptBlock(Page, this.GetType(), "Script", "function();", true);

Manoj said...

worked for me...
Thank You a lot...

Gireesh said...

Its Not Working...........

Ramesh said...

yes its not working .....

Ramesh said...

we can call the alert from this method but call a function is not working ...!

Unknown said...

how to call code behind fuction from javascript????

Unknown said...

what is htphandler and http module please help where used in exactly in projects

Anonymous said...

i Want the coding for telerik grid

Mayank said...


I have created one javascript file on button click i lost my effect .

How can i call my Javascript file in code behind on button click .


Unknown said...

hi sureshji

me also suresh can u pls tel me the vise versa of the above concept ...............
thanks in advance

Anonymous said...

ScriptManager.RegisterStartupScript(this, this.GetType(), "Script", "showmydiv()", true);

try this

Anonymous said...

I have three text boxes, the sum of the first and second textbox display in the third text box while leaving text box2 using java script

Thanks in advance

Ayesha said...

Not working

Anonymous said...

I have a problem that
I have 2 popup divs,
on that divs one div is opened from by gridview row command, than the 2nd popup should be open from 1st popup.
i wrote a javascript method, so from that methop can i call 2nd popup too.. ans my question plz..

my code is as follows..

in .aspx page..

in this I m getting 1st popup .. from 1st popup i want to open 2nd one plz ans to my problem..

Anonymous said...

hello Even both codes are not working for me.. should we import any lib files. ???
thanks in advance.

Spencer said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

How can I get the return value of javascript function???

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