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Set Color of GridLines in Gridview

Apr 16, 2010
There are times when you will want to set the color of the grid lines in your GridView - however there is not to my knowledge a way of doing this declaratively. A workaround is to do this by tapping into the GridView's RowDataBound event.

First, set the OnRowDataBound property in the markup of the GridView:


Second, set the color in the OnRowDataBound handler method:

protected void MyGrid_RowDataBound(object sender, GridViewRowEventArgs e)

        foreach (TableCell tc in e.Row.Cells)

            tc.Attributes["style"] = "border-color: #c3cecc";



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dog said...

Thanks so much!

Manoj Kumar said...

Actually you can make use of border color property as

tc.bordercolor = System.Drawing.Color.Red;

Anonymous said...


otr214430 said...
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