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Here I will explain ajax confirmbuttonextender example with modalpopupextender in gridview using


Previously I explained many articles relating to and Ajax and use customized style of confirmation box to delete gridview records. Now I will explain how to use ajax confirmbuttonextender control in gridview to delete records with modalpopupextender in Here I am using same concept (use customized style of confirmation box to delete gridview records) but only change is I am using confirmbuttonextender to implement this concept in


Here I will explain how to show/hide Ajax modalpopupextender using JavaScript in


In previous posts I explained some of the samples relating to Ajax modalpopupextender. During the time whenever I worked on to prepare samples for Ajax modalpopupextender I got requirement like close the modalpopupextender whenever I click on close icon for that more check this example Ajax Confirmation box. Generally in Ajax modalpopupextender we will set two properties TargetControlID and CancelControlID like


Here I will explain how to implement confirmation box with Yes/No button options and change the style of Confirmation box in using Ajax ModalPopupExtender.


In many situations we will use confirmation box ex: During delete one record we will ask confirmation of user like “Are you sure you want to delete record?” if user clicks on Ok button we will delete particular record otherwise if clicks on Cancel button then we won’t delete users. Initially our default confirmation box will be like this



Here I will explain how to show the login page with modal popup and how to use Ajax dragpanelextender using


I saw one website that contains login button if I click on that login button login page opens with popup and we can drag and drop that login panel anywhere on that popup for looking it’s very nice at that time I decided to write post to implement login page with popup and draggable. Previosuly I explained clearly lightbox effect for login page. In that post we can show our login page with popup. Now we can see how to show login page with popup and dragble on modalpopup to implement this I am using
AjaxModalPopupExtender and AjaxDragPanelExtender . i already explained clearly about how to show the progressbar during postback using AjaxModalPopupExtender. Now I will explain about AjaxDragpanelExtender.


Here I will explain how to show the modal popup using Ajax ModalPopupExtender to edit Rows in a GridView using


In my previous post I explained clearly how to show the gridview images with lightbox effect. Same way we can display popup using Ajax futures. In ajax we have ModalPopup extender to display data in Popup here I am doing sample to show pop up whenever user clicks on Edit button in gridview at that time I will display that particular gridview row data into Modal popup for that First design table in your database like this


Here I will explain how to show update progressbar during postbacks in


In many websites we will see loading images during process of their websites how we can implement that for our website.

In Ajax we have a control called UpdateProgress control by using this control we can implement progressbar during postsbacks in

Here we need to observe one point that is how we can findout postbacks and raise that progrssbar during postback operation in Here we have chance to get postsbacks by using these statements

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