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Ajax Country State City Dropdown Example in with C#

Nov 8, 2012

Here I will explain how to implement Ajax cascading dropdownlist for country/state/city in using C#.


In previous articles I explained Visual Studio Keyboard Shortcut keys, ContactUs Page Example, Forgot password Example, Joins in SQL Server, Highlight Gridview records based on search and many articles relating to Dropdownlist, Gridview, SQL ,jQuery,, C#,VB.NET etc. Now I will explain how to implement Ajax cascading dropdownlist for country/ state/ city in using C#.

In many situations we will get requirement like need to implement Country, State, City Dropdowns and load state dropdown based on Country and load City dropdown based on State. To implement this concept check below post in that post I explained clearly how to load state dropdown based on country selection and city dropdown based on state selection  

Populate one dropdown based on other dropdown (Like populate State Dropdown based on Country Selection and City Dropdown based on State Selection)
If you want to implement same Country / State / City dropdownlist in Ajax check below article

If you want to implement same Country / State / City dropdownlist in Ajax with Gridview check below article 

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Suchith said...

Dear sir,
i read your article about binding the data to drop down list for city and state,it was very useful.
I'm now getting difficulties in creating the database table for the same. if you have these sql database table, can u share with us please.
with regards..

Aayush said...

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Anonymous said...

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Your Site is too much good for Devlopers ...
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With Service provider name and their website address

theanks in advance

Khasim said...

hello suresh wonderfull site thanks a lot.....
how much you will earn monthly from this website?

Anonymous said...

hello suresh..
I need to upload one image by using fileupload control..and the same image must view in the another page..Is it possible

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

nice i want to learn basics of jquery...would you please post for me..

richa bohra said...

Its a amazing site... thanx :)

Anonymous said...

thanks a lot sir. it really helpful for me.

Anonymous said...

Sooo Helpful,

Anonymous said...

very helpful..

Anonymous said...

very good site

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