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C# - What is Difference between Overriding and Overloading with Example

Sep 22, 2013

Here I will explain difference between overloading and overriding in with example or overloading vs. overriding with example. 



Polymorphism means many forms (ability to take more than one form). In Polymorphism poly means “multiple” and morph means “forms” so polymorphism means many forms.

In polymorphism we will declare methods with same name and different parameters in same class or methods with same name and same parameters in different classes. Polymorphism has ability to provide different implementation of methods that are implemented with same name.

In Polymorphism we have 2 different types those are

       -  Overloading (Called as Early Binding or Compile Time Polymorphism or static binding)

       -  Overriding (Called as Late Binding or Run Time Polymorphism or dynamic binding)


Overloading means we will declare methods with same name but different signatures because of this we will perform different tasks with same method name. This overloading also called as compile time polymorphism or early binding.

Method Overloading or compile time polymorphism means same method names with different signatures (different parameters)

For more details check this link polymorphism in c#


Overriding also called as run time polymorphism or late binding or dynamic polymorphism. Method overriding or run time polymorphism means same method names with same signatures.

In this method overriding or run time polymorphism we can override a method in base class by creating similar function in derived class this can be achieved by using inheritance principle and using “virtual & override” keywords.

For more details check this link polymorphism in c#

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Hi , Can you please explain when to use Method overriding with a real time example which u used in any project.

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